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Step by step, let us show you what it takes to ship freight with an LTL freight quote service at your fingertips. Here at Freight Quotes by Freight Pixel we specialize in scoring the best freight rates for shipping. Let us help you move freight of any size to any destination. Start today with the basics on freight shipping for general commodities.

Step 1: Determine Your Freight

In order to ship freight, you need to know what dimensions, timing, and destinations are involved. This information is typically contained in a purchase order (PO), which includes all shipping terms for a freight shipment. Items generally noted on a PO are:

  • Packaging type—includes a single box, pallet, or entire truckload
  • Size—length x width x height and pounds/ounces per box, pallet, and/or total shipment
  • Quantity of goods by unit, box, pallet, and/or total shipment
  • Delivery schedule—the time of pickup and delivery
  • Destination information—including contact info for shipper and receiver

When choosing the packaging type, you will typically choose less than truckload (LTL) or truckload (TL). LTL freight is transported in a 28-foot trailer or container. If you are looking to ship LTL freight with an LTL freight quote, then you need to have your shipment fit within this size trailer. Otherwise, you are looking at using a truckload shipping service.

Truckload freight comprises a 53 foot-trailer that holds freight over approximately 15,000 pounds or 4,050 cubic feet. For freight shipments, air freight, rail freight, and ocean cargo may also be applicable at some point along the supply chain. In addition, if you need any expedited, overnight, same day, or last mile services this will inflate your rate.

Step 2: Request a Freight Quote

Now that your shipment is ready to move, you are in need of a freight carrier. This can be a trucking company, fleet owner, or owner operator directly. To be able to tell them how much you will pay them for delivering your freight, the carrier will request your freight quote.

Here is where Freight Quotes comes into play with Freight Pixel. Our goal is to secure you a freight quote fast and at the best rate. Freight rates change based on so many factors. You have to be able to figure out what is the best rate for the best time of day, day of the week, carrier, freight type, location, etc. for your load to get the best rate. We do this whole process for you using our technology via Freight Pixel to save you time and money.

Step 3: Prepare Your Freight Shipment

With all of your documentation in tow, you are ready to put your freight on the trailer. Prepare your shipment by placing any loose boxes on a secure and regulation size pallet.

Use plastic wrap to bind the boxes together securely and to prevent slippage in the trailer. Damaged cargo leads to pricey cargo insurance claims that you want to avoid here. Include a copy of all documentation with the freight for pickup.

Provide all vital information, especially contact details for the recipient in case the truck driver has questions or needs help over the road. You also want to be available to the driver or their broker, as well as the shipping receiver during the delivery process. This ensures everyone has access to information they need in case of an emergency that could delay the delivery.

Get Your Freight Quote Now

Here at Freight Pixel, we also have the freight quote information you need to move freight fast and at the best price. Whether you are searching to ship an LTL load or truckload, you can get a freight quote now or learn more information about freight services. By the way, did you know that Freight Quote is mobile? Thanks to our new app, Freight Pixel, you can ship freight more efficiently now.

Book and quote your freight shipment now by contact the Freight Quote experts at Freight Pixel.

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LTL Freight Quote


LTL Freight Quote

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LTL Freight Quote